Blacksburg New School 50th Anniversary

Blacksburg New School
50th Anniversary

Images from the 50th Anniversary Celebration at BelleBend

In 1971, Blacksburg saw a group of parents and teachers collaborate on a new way to educate children. The “New” School was a cooperative school. It was designed to challenge the status quo of the educational system and change many of the conventions of everyday school life.

After 50 years, the school is still “new,” with new faces, new approaches, and new perspectives shaping each year. We hope you will celebrate the accomplishments of our special school with us throughout the year. Please check out the timeline of events and news stories, view the gallery of photos, and share your memories with us.

Images of the Early Days
and New School Memories

Please share your stories and memories of BNS with us, or send us your information to add to our alumni contact list.